Our focus is on developing the wrestler as a whole. To effectively create the total package, we believe that there are three major aspects of wrestling. These include technique, mental preparation, and character. Technique is a major component of success, but without mental preparation, success is limited.


Character is simply the bridge that links technique and mental preparation together. Our goal with technique is to expose each wrestler to an in-depth look at preparation, position, and execution. We will focus on the basic fundamentals along with new and challenging technique taught by some of the best clinicians in the country. Whether it is the basic stance position or a complicated finish, we will teach technique that is successful at the highest levels. In order to reach your athletic potential, wrestlers must train their minds in addition to their bodies.


Mental preparation involves several aspects such as setting goals, positive self talk, visualization, and focus. We feel that training should encompass much more than the physical aspect. Through personal testimonies and success stories, we hope to demonstrate that the right attitude can take ordinary wrestlers and make them champions.


Finally, we believe that character is the foundation of success, and wrestling is an outlet where character is revealed. Our goal is to develop the character within each wrestler in order to firmly establish the attributes of a champion. These attributes such as Desire, Dedication, Discipline, Diligence, Direction, play an essential role in the success of a wrestler.


Our goal is to help you to be successful on the mat. But more importantly, we will teach you that the principles and pathways to become a champion on the mat are the same principles and pathways to become a champion in life..


“Win or lose you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined or focusing too much. Success is measured by what we have done to prepare for competition.” – John W. Smith


“Practice what you know today along with something new, then practice it all over again.” – Dan Gable




We chose Reign as our brand for several reasons, but the main one being the definition that is behind the name:d

Reign: \’ran\ A period of time during which one achieves power and dominance through their desiredirectiondisciplinediligence, and dedication. (5 D’s)dd

We took the dictionary definition and combined it with our 5 D’s to define what we are looking to help our athletes achieve!