Q: I am a brand new beginner. What do I need for the first class?
A: Please wear a workout shirt and shorts and bring water too. You will not need wrestling shoes for your first class.


Q: What is the student to coach ratio?

A: We typically have 3-4 coaches per class. Each class will have between 10-28 wrestlers.


Q: What will I learn my first few classes?

A: All new beginner wrestlers will go through a 4 week “Initiate” program that will start the first Monday of each month. They will learn a solid foundation and then will move directly into the beginner wrestling class. Here is what they will be learning the first month:

Week 1: Neutral Position (stance and motion, drop step, block down, sprawl, inside control, v-block)
Week 2: Takedowns (double leg, single leg, high crotch)
Week 3: Bottom Referee’s Position (stand up, switch)
Week 4: Top Referee’s Position (arm chop, far ankle/far knee, half nelson/wrist, scoring)
*It is important for all wrestlers to be in attendance at every class during the first 4 weeks. If there are unforeseen circumstances that happen and a wrestler will miss more than 1 class, they can either catch up with a private session, or they can repeat the 4 week program. 


Q: When is wrestling season?

A: Wrestling season runs November through February for beginner wrestlers. Advanced wrestlers run through the end of March and many continue on year round.


Q: Do I have to go to all of the tournaments on the team calendar?

A: You can pick and choose which ones you would like to go to, but being that there are only 8-10 tournaments during the season, we recommend going to as many as possible to get the experience. 


Q: What can we expect at tournaments?
1. Each wrestler will be paired up with another wrestler of similar age, and weight. The age should be within a year of each other and the weight difference should be no more than 7 lbs. Also, first year wrestlers will wrestle other first year wrestlers.

2. Wrestling tournaments are super exciting to watch, but they can run a bit long (at least 3-4 hours). Please pack snacks and games for siblings.

3. It is common to wrestle a teammate in a tournament. If you choose not to wrestle that is okay. You will just forfeit the match and wait for the next one.

4. In rare occasions you may not have an opponent your age and weight. If that is the case you can either wrestle in a different division (higher weight or age) or receive a refund of your tournament fees.

5. You will see parents being hard on their kids. We ask that you keep the environment as positive as possible as it can get pretty competitive. Our goal is for them to have a positive learning experience, learn how to persevere, test their limits, and stand strong knowing that they can push harder and farther than they ever thought they could, ultimately developing their character. By keeping it positive for your wrestler, you will be given a much greater chance that they will continue with the sport as they get older.